Hilde Holan Gudding is the founder of Elastic Stability, and it is a results of 15 years hard work and curiosity. Hilde is educated as a Physical Therapist, and has worked with various forms of exercise and movement approaches for many years. Hilde has over the last years developed the company Elastic Stability, and collaborates with scientists and other international leading international movement experts.

Hilde has a clinic where she offers Personal Consultations including full body screening, manual treatment and Personal Training in Copenhagen and Oslo.
Hildes focus in training and treatment session is to teach and help the clients to understand their body and the relationships with the injury or pain. In this context, Hildes knowledge and understanding of the connective tissues connections in the body is essential. After many years of experience in this field, Hilde has developed the treatment concept The Elastic Method which consists of Elastic Movement Therapy (EMT), which focuses on optimizing the clients active movement already at the treatment table, and the exercise and training concept Elastic Training.

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