The bigger perspective:

 The state of  health in the Western countries has never been in more need of a change in direction.

More than ever are people suffering from bodily discomfort and pain and the development of “unexplainable” diagnosis and illnesses, that ultimately are being followed by a huge consumption of medication.

We have become a population striving for perfection and are spending more money than ever seen on cosmetic surgery in the endless hunt for the perfect look.

Ironically, we are feeling more unhappy now than ever before and the consumption of  antidepressants  like Prozac has exploded.

At Elastic Stability we want to contribute by helping and inspiring people to feel better. Above all, we want to motivate health professionals to implement our mindset and movement tools into their therapy.

We want to instigate growth of a network of people, who believe in the importance of a global change of direction in the way we understand health.

We want our message to reach and affect as many people as possible.

So let’s work together in building a much stronger and more resilient understanding of health globally. Let’s get together and stay connected!

The smaller perspective:

Elastic Stability want to inspire you to feel better and we want to make it easy for you to get there as well.

Is that even possible? We believe it is!

Our experience is that small actions can create big changes. The most important part is that you are participating actively in the process!

For many people changes only begin when we change the way we see and think about ourselves.

We often carry the stories with us about what we need to be more healthy and in better shape. However, a simple mindset change and an improved connection to oneself can make an immense change!


Live the perfect life!

A lot of the usual health messages we constantly are being bombarded with today is how we should live life the perfect way.

The perfect diet, the perfect exercise programme and the perfect workout.

On top of that we want to include into our busy lives a variety of mindfulness activities. The possibility for failing being perfect is inevitable!

And statistics show that all though we are feeling more “enlightened” and aware than ever, pain and inexplainable diagnostics are increasing.

At Elastic Stability we believe that we need a change in mindset to help us change direction and become more connected with our bodies. And as a result we will feel true satisfaction and as more whole human beings.

Therefore, Elastic Stability has developed the mindset “Think Elastic”, which gives you the tools to create new and small changes of direction in your life.

More than ever it’s important to improve our knowledge about how human beings, including yourself, function as a whole.

And to have that knowledge just in theory is not good enough, especially not if we want to alter the growing demand for the cure of pain.


The human body is not composed of groups of isolated systems, but is a complex and highly interconnected organism, where all the “components” are equally important and depending on each other.

At Elastic Stability we believe that we are shaped by the way we move, by the way we do not move, by the way we think, we feel, we eat and by the way we view the world. And that the challenges we are facing now comes down to a combination of our genetics and our history.

We also believe that we are designed with a system that has the ability to heal itself, under the right conditions.

Elastic Stability has specialized in working with this overall perspective with the physical approach.

With this being said, today most of us live a life far from our original “design”.

We are mainly “head-people”, using logic and where our physical body just is “something that transports our brain from A to B”.

To many people the body is just something that when it hurts and aches it needs “a quick fix” to be all good again.

In our health sector there is in general a considerable focus on symptoms and diagnoses, which basically are the body’s “alarm bells” that are starting to making noise, when something is not right.

Most people today live their life like the warning bells were taken out of their “car”.

We don’t listen to them and hope for the best. When things are so bad we cannot ignore the “alarm bell” anymore, we go to a professional. And just like we would bring our car to the auto mechanic and ask him to fix the problem we expect the professional (doctor) to repair us.

But when driving our car (body) around with the alarm lights shut off and only realizing something is seriously wrong, because it suddenly cannot start or stops working, the damage is much harder to fix. And sometimes it’s irreparable.

At Elastic Stability we believe that this way of thinking about our health and body has big consequences long term for our wellbeing.

Our goal, through our mindset, is to motivate you make a difference and change that way of thinking.

We believe that it is necessary for us human beings to stop chasing our symptoms in order to get diagnosed. And we need to do that to create long term results.

At Elastic Stability we want to help you to get connected with your body and stay connected.

Our mindset is described in our Manifest, where we explain what we believe are the most important components to feel better.

The (Elastic) Manifest

Feel Better
Stay Connected !
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