We offer courses and education programs for therapists and training instructors in our own developed rehabilitation concept The Elastic Method which consists of: The movement and exercise approach Elastic Training and the manual therapeutic method Elastic Movement Therapy (EMT).

We specialize in implementing new knowledge about the Fascial tissue in rehabilitation and training settings – get simple tools you can use in your work right away – and it will help your clients feeling better.


The purpose of Elastic Training is to give you an understanding of how to implement Fascia and viscoelastic oriented training techniques in your current workout routines – and use it as a supplement to other forms of exercise. The education program runs over 6 days and is divided into two modules of three days each, allowing you to experience the exercises and way of thinking from the first module before you begin the second module. The first module´s main focus is looking at mobility techniques and creating a base for building stability and strength at module 2.


  • Theory: Understanding how the knowledge of the viscoelasticity of our tissues can help us improve movement, how we can use the knowledge of the chains in the body and how the new anatomic model Biotensegrity can be implemented in practice.
  • Structural and Functional Exercises focusing on mobility, stability and strength – where our overall goal is to get better resilience in the body.
  • Elastic Breathing – techniques for how our quality of breathing can optimize training results
  • Training programs tailored to personal training and group sessions – We will be focusing on both programs-tailored mobility and release, and programs with more focus on stability and strength
  • Teaching and coaching tools to optimize the effect of the exercises

Module 1

The main focus in module 1 is mobility and release techniques to optimize free movement in the body. You get an understanding of how Elastic Breathing breathing techniques can be used for optimized training results. The primary goal is creating better body awareness and embodiment in the exercises.
You get training programs which can be used both for personal training and group sessions. The programs can be used both for mobility – body awareness – release and relaxation. The contents of the first module is used as a base for the next module, wherein the stability – and strengthening exercises is used.

Module 2

The main goal is to incorporate Fascia oriented knowledge in stability and strength training. We will continue to work with the optimized movement and awareness knowledge we acquired in Module 1.
The focus is on using the body’s elastic quality in the exercises, including working with Elastic Recoil, which is an important supplement in muscle-oriented training. Elastic Breathing techniques are used to achieve greater stability and awareness in the exercises.
You get training programs which can be used in both personal training and group sessions, and we combine it with the exercises from Module 1, so you have programs both for warm up sessions – mobility and release – and strength and stability training.


After completing Module 2 you will receive a written test, where you will be asked questions based on the knowledge you have gained through the education.

Target group

The program is targeted to you who are working with personal training and teaching group sessions. Max. 10 participants in each education program.

Upcoming Educational programmes

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