The bigger perspective
The global health in the Western countries has never been in more need of a direction change. We have never been in more pain and there is an enormous development of the “unexplainable” diagnosis, followed up with a huge consumption of medication. We are a people who strive for perfection and use more money than ever on cosmetic surgery, hunting for the perfect look – ironically we are more unhappy and are consuming a bigger amount of Prozac than ever.

Elastic Stability want to make a contribution to help and inspire people to feel better, and motivate health professionals to implement the mindset and movement tools into the way they do their jobs. We want to facilitate a growing network of people who think and believe in the importance in a global direction change – so our message can affect as many as possible. Lets work together in building a stronger and more resilient perspective on global health.

Lets get and stay connected!

The smaller perspective
Elastic Stability want to inspire you to feel better – and we want to make it easy for you as well. Is that even possible? We believe it is! Our experience is that small actions can create big changes. The most important part is that you are in the process! For a lot of people, a lot of changes begin only in changing the way we see and think about ourselves. We often carry stories around about what is needed to be more healthy and in good shape.

A mindset change and a better connection to oneself can do a lot!



A lot of the health messages we hear everywhere today is about how you should live your life more perfect. The perfect diet, perfect exercise program with the right amount of repetition and load. And we also want to top our busy life with a spread of mindfullness. The possibility to fail is huge! And statistics shows us that even if we are more enlightened than ever – pain and the unexplainable diagnosis is increasing.

Elastic Stability believe that it is a change in mindset that is needed to help change direction, being more connected and embodied with the result of more true satisfaction. Elastic Stability has developed the mindset; Think Elastic, which offers tools to create small changes of direction in your life.

It is more important then ever to improve our knowledge about how the human being functions as a whole – and not only in theory! – if we want to help and address our growing demand for the cure of pain in different versions. The human body is not a group of isolated systems, but a complex and highly interconnected whole where all the “ingredients” are equally important and interdependent.

Elastic Stability believe that we are shaped by the way we move or not move, the way we think, feel, eat and view the world – the challenges we have today is the combination of our genetics and our history until today. We also believe that we are designed with a system that has the ability to heal itself if we get and give ourselves the right conditions. Elastic Stability specializes in working with this overall perspective from a physical approach.

With this said, today most of us live a life far away from our original design. We are mainly “headpeople” where the body and the physical us is “just something that transports the brain from A to B”. For many, the body is just something that hurts and needs “a quick fix”. Overall in the health systems there is a very strong focus on symptoms and diagnosis, where the body’s “alarm bells” are starting to making noise. Most people today live their life as if “the warning bells were taken out of the car” – we hope for the best, and when it doesn’t turn out that way, we go to a professional “mechanic” and demand to be repaired.

Elastic Stability believes that this way of thinking about health has big consequences, and our goal through our mindset is to motivate to make a difference. We believe in the importance of stopping to chase our symptoms to create long term results. Elastic Stability wants to help you to get and stay connected. We describe our mindset in a Manifest where we explain what we believe is important components in feeling better.

The (Elastic) Manifest


Elastic Stability has developed The Elastic Method as tools to help you to feel better. If you are dealing with pain situations, recovering from injuries, lacking training results – or just want to change the way you feel, The Elastic Method is for you. The most important criteria for a succesfull therapy process in Elastic Stability is that you are an active part of the process and interested in investing in your own health. Even if the Elastic Method can be really efficient, we are not the right place to be if you are looking for a quick fix, we believe in long term investment – of time, money and awareness – to gain long term results.

The goal with the Elastic Method is to help you to release movement in your body, and to stimulate your inner navigation system to improve your ability to feel what is right for you. We believe that it is extremely important to stimulate the Elastic components in our body to gain long term results. We live in a very controlled and tension dominant environment that affect our elastic quality in our body and movement patterns, which we believe is one of the main reasons why we are dealing with a lot of unidentified pain situations today. Free your Elastic potential in your body, and it will affect both the way you think, move and feel – as we believe that our physical state is not separated from the rest.

The Elastic Method is unique in its way to combine table treatment with movement and exercises. The client is active during the treatment sessions, even when you lie on the treatment table, to get a better felling of your movement. This will improve the efficiency of your exercises, training routines and your daily movement in general. An important part of the Elastic Method is also the coaching techniques we have developed, to get a better feeling for your movements and a better effect of your investment.

The Elastic Method consists of Elastic Movement Therapy which is manual techniques where you get help from the therapist to locate your areas in the body, and release them into a more Elastic feeling. The goal is to give you a better feeling of your body, to free your movements and to optimize your training results.

The other part of The Elastic Method is Elastic Training, which is a movement and exercise approach that gives you exercises targeted to the level you are at right now, and help you to progress as you feel better and stronger. The goal of the exercises is to develop an elastic and resilient body, where it is the focus and intention of the exercises that creates the results. Elastic Training consists of exercises with focus on release and improving mobility, so called low load exercises, and of high load exercises that challenges strength, stability and endurance.

Feel Better
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