Elastic Stability inspires you to feel better – and we want to make it easy for you as well.

Is that even possible? We believe it is!

Our experience is that even small actions can create big changes – as long as you are in the process.

Changes often begins by changing the way we see and think about ourselves. We often carry stories about what is needed to be more healthy and in good shape – but a change in mindset and a better connection to oneself can do a lot.

Think Elastic


Invest in long term results

We offer the unique active treatment method Elastic Movement Therapy (EMT) and the exercise concept Elastic Training.

At Personal Consultations with us we can together develop a plan for your needs, and this is almost always a mixture of manual treatment and coaching of exercise rutines.

Elastic Stability specializes in treatment and training concepts that incorporates understanding of the body’s connective tissue (fascia). In addition, Elastic Stability has developed specific coaching tools, and this special combination give you unique tools for optimized treatment and training results.



In the Elastic Training Basic DVD you get exercises and training-sessions with a Fascia oriented perspective.

The main focus of the exercises is to get a better feeling in your own body and possible blocked areas. Through exercises you will optimize your body movement and achieve a strong foundation for strength and stability.

The Fascia structures can be compared to elastic material in the body, and the purpose of the movements will be to rebuild a stronger, more free and more resilient elastic network.

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“One of Elastic Stability´s main goals of treatment and training is to optimize the body’s viscoelasticity. The human body contains a great combination of fluid structures and an excellent elastic network. This viscoelasticity gives us freedom of movement and an optimal approach to strength and power, which is an important factor in the prevention of injuries.”

We offer courses and education programs for therapists and training instructors in our own developed rehabilitation concept The Elastic Approach which consists of: The movement and exercise approach Elastic Training and the manual therapeutic method Elastic Movement Therapy (EMT).

We specialize in implementing new knowledge about the Fascial tissue in rehabilitation and training settings – get simple tools you can use in your work right away – and it will help your clients feeling better.

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Join us in one of our Elastic events

Elastic Stability offers different kind of events, where we implement our mindset in all our activities. You can book us to come to you and give a lecture, workshop and courses where you help developing the content. We also arrange in house events and retreats, so keep in touch and you will be informed when the next event is coming up.

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