Elastic Stability is founded by Physical Therapist Hilde Holan Gudding. Hilde was born in Norway and grew up with a passion for training and movement. She has practiced different kinds of sports and ended up playing soccer for many years. During this active period she experienced different kinds of injuries on/to her own body and has therefore developed a great interest in how the body works and how to best prevent injuries. Hilde was educated as a Physical Therapist in Denmark, and during the education she couldn’t get interested in the classical way of working as a therapist and so started to search for and experience with different kinds of movement approaches.

In 2012 Hilde was introduced to the german Dr. Robert Schleip, who is a famous researcher of the body´s connective tissues – and she fell immediately in love with this way of thinking – it was like the missing link that had been absent from her practice. From there the core of Elastic Stability approach was made, and the mission is to inspire others by this way of thinking. The goal is to combine and to create a bridge between scientific based knowlede and experience.

The road to success when working with great passion about the human being is to stay humble and curious.



Ditte Teildorf
Hilde Holan Gudding

Hilde Holan Gudding

Hilde Holan Gudding is the founder of Elastic Stability, and it is a results of 15 years hard work and curiosity. Hilde is educated as a Physical Therapist, and has…

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